1. Contact ALL HISD Board Members/ HISD Leaders- via email, twitter, and with a call to their office.
Supt. Carranza – @HISD_Supetwittter

Deputy Supt. Sarabia – @ssarabia4

District I Rep Santos – @santos4hisd

District II Rep Skillern-Jones (President) – @rhondajn1

District III Rep Lira – @liraserg

District IV Rep Jones – @jonesjolanda

District V Rep Deigaard – @diegaards

District VI Rep Flynn Vilaseca – @hmfv1

District VII Rep Sung – @anne4hisd

District VIII Rep Davila – @ddavilahisd

District IX Rep Adams – @wandaful1913

General HISD – @TeamHISD



Board Member Emails:

Elizabeth Santos Elizabeth.Santos@houstonisd.org
Rhonda Skillern-Jones rskille2@houstonisd.org
Sergio Lira Sergio.Lira@houstonisd.org
Jolanda Jones jjones57@houstonisd.org
Susan Deigaard Sue.Deigaard@houstonisd.org
Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca holly.flynnvilaseca@houstonisd.org
Anne Sung anne.sung@houstonisd.org
Diana Davila ddavila3@houstonisd.org
Wanda Adams wadams2@houstonisd.org
  1. Sign petition on  “Keep Montessori for ALL in HISD”


  1. Use the FOM Talking Points hand out when discussing with others and give to others concerned about this matter. (See FOM Talking Points provided)


  1. Volunteer to be a speaker at the HISD Board Meeting on Feb 8th and/ or sign up to be a Campus helper. (We need translators, copiers, people to distribute information). Email FOMHouston@gmail.com to get added to our email list!


  1. Come to the February 8th HISD Board Meeting @Hattie Mae White Educational Building.


  1. Buy a FOM Shirt, WEAR your shirt, and donate to FOM to fund our advocacy efforts!

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